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Testosterone Resistance: Fighting for the Men’s Health Hormone


Today, testosterone therapy is arguably the single most controversial medical topic. It has been politicized to a degree that does not exist for any other medical treatment. And like any story that has captured the media’s attention, the messages have become oversimplified, and outrageous comments are highly valued, regardless of their scientific merit.

The consequences of this politicization are substantial, as physicians and the public have both been taught to fear testosterone therapy, despite its great therapeutic value and very reasonable safety profile.

Prof. Malcolm Carruthers has been a clear-sighted champion of testosterone treatment from long before it became a fashionable concept. His experience and insight in the topic are formidable, and he writes in a style that is both incisive and entertaining. It is likely that every medical field has its unscientific assumptions and lore, but the field of testosterone deficiency and treatment has more than its share. Whereas many experts bow to the false god of assumed truths without questioning their wisdom or scientific provenance, Dr. Carruthers skillfully skewers many of these concepts.


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